Argan oil is renowned for hair and skin nourishment, but will this oil clog your pores?

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Comedogenic rating explained


A comedogenic rating is a ranking system that assesses the likelihood of a substance clogging your pores. Comedones can be caused by anything that affects the sebum outflow on our skin (whiteheads). Comedone acne is a kind of non-inflammatory acne that can progress to inflammatory acne. So you deserve know what you’re putting on your skin.



  • 0 – Will not clog pores at all.
  • 1 – Very low likelihood of clogging pores.
  • 2 – Moderately low likelihood of clogging pores.
  • 3 – Moderate likelihood of clogging pores.
  • 4 – Fairly high likelihood of clogging pores.
  • 5 – Highest likelihood of clogging pores.


Coconut oil has been hyped for its moisturising and calming properties, yet many people experience clogged pores and their skin becoming worse than before. This is due to the high comedogenic rating (4).


Argan oil however, is completely non-comedogenic with a rating of 0!


Argania Spinosa. Nothing else, just pure, hand-pressed Argan oil. Listed below are the few properties naturally present in Argan oil:

99% Fatty Acids including; Omega 6, Linolenic, Palmitic, Stearic, Arachidonic. Ferulic Acids (exceptionally rare antioxidant), Vitamin A, Vitamin E,D-7

Argan Oil is most definitely the 'go to' in skincare, especially for sensitive or acne prone skin.