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Aker Fassi by Inaya Morocco is a 100% organic cheek and lip stain that gives you an elegant radiant glow while also treasuring anti-toxin properties.

Aker Fassi is made from dried poppy petals and pomegranate rind. A traditional beauty practice for moroccan women with moisturising, softening and antitoxin properties. All you need is a drop of water/oil for results.

You can finally throw away that blush that lasts 30 minutes.



Cheek: Soak a brush (or finger)  in water or oil, rub it lightly on the terra cotta and apply to the cheeks.  

Lip: Soak a brush (or finger)  in water or oil, rub it lightly on the terra cotta and apply to the lips.  


Ingredients: Punica granatum (pomegranate) rind, Poppy petal 



Less Intensity: The pigment can be controlled by adding more water/oil. For less intensity simply add more water/ oil directly to your cheek/lip.

More Intensity: For more intensity, add water/oil to the terra cotta and reapply.

Argan Oil: Skin care and makeup in one? Add 1 drop of InayaMorocco Pure Argan Oil to your brush/ finger instead of water for endless skin benefits. Apply to the lips for moisturising benefits. 

Do not apply water/oil directly to the Aker Fassi.



*please note colour may wear off as it’s powdered material on a terra cotta clay pot.


Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews

Its so pigmented and feels so light on the skin.

Fathima Zahra
Didn’t receive product

It says its delivered according to the courier service but I haven’t gotten the product nor any emails from them or you guys regarding the delivery status and what to do next..

Hello Fathima, thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We have contacted you on the 15/03 so could you kindly check your inbox and respond to that email. We would be more than happy to assist you further


I love this product! The color is so pretty and long lasting. You only need use a drop of water or oil and use a little of pigment because it is very strong. Mty new favorite blush and lipstick. The seller was very nice too :)

Ruby Kidron
Would be 4.5 if an option!!!!

The product itself is elite, a beautiful piece of culture and history and an amazing present with serious colour payoff. I got one for my sister and one for myself we have different skin tones but it worked for both of us. I use it mainly as a blush where as she uses it mainly as a lip stain, when a blush I find the pigment comes off more red, on the lips more coral, but obviously dependent on skin tone, it lasts a lifetime on the skin, even with reapplication of suncream which normally takes your makeup in trade for SPF protection.
Unfortunately when first delivered one had broken, customer service where beyond helpful, kind and extremely responsive and sent another one out immediately.
The only reason I have taken a star off is the packaging, for a product made of clay, and the reality that most letterboxes have a considerable drop, a more secure and padded packaging would be great even just a box + bubble wrap rather than envelope + bubble wrap, more for the sake of the company being able to avoid having to resend products!

Other than that, buy it, and for now maybe put a cushion at the bottom of your door if you know its arriving!

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such wonderful and detailed review. We appreciate it immensely!! You feedback means a lot! <3

Yasmine Hadi
Most incredible Glow

I’ve been using it for a month now and love it. I do find that sometimes the pigment doesn’t come out even when I wet it. The secret is to use warm water, I find that it works best and gives me the most amazing glow when used with the argan oil