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Experience the art of Moroccan beauty with our Ithmid Kohl, an ultra-fine powder that transcends traditional makeup. Composed of finely powdered ithmid, our Kohl offers a multitude of benefits for your eyes.

Embrace the sunnah and the moroccan tradition:

Kohl isn't just makeup; it's a cherished Moroccan practice and an Islamic sunnah. Our Ithmid Kohl provides more than just stunning aesthetics—it’s believed to shield your eyes from harmful UV rays, dust, and pollution while soothing irritations.

Kohl is known for its ability to strengthen and thicken your lashes, enhancing your natural beauty.

 How to use

Step 1: Dip the tip of the applicator provided into the kohl powder (tap of excess).

Step 2: Hold the stick parallel to the eye and starting at the inner point of the eye (with the eyes closed) slide the applicator across your lash line.

*for beginners, apply as you would apply an eye pencil*

Pro tips and benefits: 

Kohl in your eyes: Just blink blink blink and the kohl will be collected in the corner of your eyes.

Rose hydrosol: Safely remove kohl and pamper your eyes with InayaMorocco Rose Hydrosol. It not only cleanses but also soothes and cools your eyes.




- incase of irritation, rinse eyes with cold water.

Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews
Lovely product that you can feel good about!

I don’t use makeup very regularly, but this Kohl eyeliner is awesome! It has such a nice dark tint to it. I get comments on how good it looks, which is unheard of for me. I really feel like it has helped clarify my eyes as well. They aren’t so red anymore. Give it a try, it’s an awesome product that will last a very long time!

Amazing healing benefits

I've been struggling with an eye stye for a few months now and I've tried so many remedies, hot compressions and eye drops. But when I say this kohl has HEALED my eyes!!! The results have been amazing and when wearing it most nights before going to bed, I noticed that my lashes grew so much longer too! All in all this is an amazing, all natural product allahumabarek and the woman behind the business has the kindest soul too allahumabarek laha🩷 Definately recommend!!!


Amazing product ! ^-^

Julia L.
First time using kohl, very satisfied!

I have never used authentic kohl powder before and decided to use this one for my first try. Overall, the product is wonderful and I love how it looks and feels on me! It is very soft-feeling and comfortable on the eyes, and it gives them a beautiful definition. The bottle was a bit hard to open for the first time, but the cap has become more flexible with increased use and is now much easier to open. The stick applicator was also a little rough, but a quick rub with sandpaper fixed it. It probably wouldn't have been a problem for someone more experienced, but since it was my first time using a stick applicator, it made me a little nervous. The kohl smudged out beautifully but stayed put once it was on and lasted quite a while, which I really like. Easy to remove with micellar water too. Great product from a lovely small business, I recommend!

Naeema Maumoniat
The most beautiful Kohl :) would buy again!

I’m honestly amazed. The Kohl doesn’t feel like your putting chemicals in your eyes, like all brands, it’s feel very natural, and her product explains this. It arrived safely, well-packaged and nothing suspicious. Please buy from her, it’s 100% worth your money!