Moroccan Nila Powder 100g
Moroccan Nila Powder 100g
Moroccan Nila Powder 100g
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Moroccan Nila Powder 100g

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Discover the ancient Moroccan beauty secret that tackles hyperpigmentation with unparalleled finesse — Moroccan Nila Powder. This natural treasure, extracted from the indigo plant, has been celebrated for centuries for its exceptional ability to illuminate skin tone and restore natural radiance.


- Moroccan Nila (Indigo) Powder

Unveil the Magic of Moroccan Nila Powder:

Hyperpigmentation Hero: Elevate your skincare game with Nila Powder, renowned for its potent hyperpigmentation-fighting properties. It diligently targets uneven skin tone, dark spots, and blemishes, promoting a more balanced, glowing complexion.

Natural Hair Elixir: Nila Powder isn't just a skin savior; it's a transformative hair treatment as well. Enriched with natural dyes, it encourages vibrant hair color, supports hair growth, and maintains a healthy scalp.

Chemical-Free Purity: Bid farewell to harsh chemicals and synthetic additives. Moroccan Nila Powder is pure, organic, and free from harmful substances, embodying a safe and eco-conscious choice.

Endless Possibilities: From DIY face masks to gentle exfoliating scrubs, Nila Powder offers boundless beauty possibilities. Incorporate this Moroccan gem into your self-care rituals for a touch of North African luxury.

Tips and Benefits:

For Skin:
1. Create a rejuvenating paste by mixing 1 part Nila Powder with 2 parts Rose Hydrosol
2. Gently apply the mixture to your face or body, focusing on areas prone to hyperpigmentation - leave until 80%dry
3. Massage in circular motions whilst rinsing thoroughly for a brighter, more even complexion.

For Hair:
1. Craft a nourishing hair mask by blending 1 part Nila Powder with 3 parts Argan Oil.
2. Generously apply the mask to your hair, concentrating on the roots and lengths.
3. Leave it on for 15-30 mins, then rinse with cool water to reveal revitalised, radiant locks.

Benefits of Moroccan Nila Powder:

1. Hyperpigmentation Treatment: Fades dark spots and evens out skin tone.
2.Rough Skin Softening and brightening properties: Smoothes rough patches and dark mark around knees, elbows, and feet.
3. Blemish Buster: Combats acne and reduces blackheads.
4. Hair Revitaliser: Enhances hair colour and promotes growth.
5. Scalp Soother: Maintains a healthy and nourished scalp.
6. Organic Beauty: Pure, chemical-free, and eco-conscious.

Transform your skincare and haircare routines with the natural wonder of Moroccan Nila Powder. Embrace the radiant, even-toned beauty that Morocco's age-old traditions can bestow.


Customer Reviews

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I didn't see where to post a review... so please share if it might help!
Soon after seeing reels about Moroccan Nila powder, i had to find the pretty blue minerals. I compared many ads for cost, authenticity, and value pricing.
Even if based in the UK, InayaMorocco seemed to fit that bill. I opted to take a chance on the burgeoning company all the way from my South California location. I calculated my arrival to be Feb 28 (45 business days from order).
My package arrived exactly on Feb 28. 🥰


haven't been using for that long but the GLOW and my skin feels so much smoother with an even complexion

Nila powder

My skin has never felt softer and glowing.


Bad customer service. The product didnt turn up and this company has no refund policy. I put in my order on the 1st of November and they have stopped communicating with me.

We deeply regret any frustration caused by the delay in receiving your order. Our records confirm delivery on December 12th. If our emails inadvertently ended up in your junk/spam folder, we apologize for any oversight. The holiday season may have caused delays in our responses, and for that, we sincerely apologize. Your satisfaction means the world to us. If you have further concerns, please reach out directly. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

Warm regards,
InayaMorocco Customer Support